2Pcs Bath Ball,Bath Cotton, 100% Natural Loofah Chamfer, Deep Cleansing Bath Loofah Sponge Body Detergent

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1、Easy to clean: natural loofah sponge bath ball can replace ordinary bath sponge, use it can promote blood circulation, make the skin more beautiful health
2、Healthy living: loofah mixed skin is very suitable for adults and oil skin. Can purify is corneous grind arenaceous, relieve itching. For rough skin problems, such as long-term use can get very good improvement
3、Durable: our loofah sponge bath ball can machine wash, wash, and durable, even when repeated use can still satisfy you the demand of purify is corneous. But from a health point of view, should avoid to many people share a bath ball. For the convenience of you and your family can better experience in the bath, our two bath ball, you can and share the use of a family.