Lufthansa Flight Status: Your Guide to Staying Updated

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Lufthansa Flight Status is one of the leading airlines globally, offers a convenient tool for passengers to track their flight status in real-time. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning your next journey, knowing how to check your Lufthansa flight status can provide peace of mind and help you stay informed about any changes or delays.

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Tracking Lufthansa Flight Status:

Lufthansa provides multiple channels for passengers to check their flight status, including:

  • Online Check-In: Passengers can log in to the Lufthansa website or mobile app to check their flight status and receive notifications about any changes.
  • Flight Status Tool: The Lufthansa website features a dedicated flight status tool where travelers can enter their flight number, departure date, and destination to obtain real-time information.
  • Email and SMS Alerts: Passengers can opt to receive email or SMS notifications regarding their flight status, including updates on delays, gate changes, or cancellations.
  • Airport Information Screens: Upon arrival at the airport, passengers can check flight status updates on information screens located throughout the terminal.
  • Customer Service: Lufthansa’s customer service representatives are available to assist passengers with inquiries about flight status or provide updates over the phone.

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Benefits of Checking Flight Status:

Checking your Lufthansa flight status offers several benefits, including:

  • Timely Updates: Stay informed about any changes to your flight schedule, allowing you to adjust your plans accordingly and avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Peace of Mind: By tracking your flight status, you can minimize stress and uncertainty associated with travel, ensuring a smoother journey.
  • Proactive Planning: Anticipate potential disruptions or cancellations and make alternate arrangements as needed, such as rebooking connecting flights or arranging accommodation.
  • Efficient Travel Experience: Arrive at the airport with confidence, knowing the latest information about your flight’s departure time, gate assignment, and boarding status.


How can I check my Lufthansa flight status?

Use Lufthansa’s website, mobile app, airport screens, or customer service.

What information do I need?

Typically, your flight number, departure date, and destination.

How often is information updated?

Regularly, to provide real-time updates on changes, delays, or cancellations.

Can I get notifications?

Yes, Lufthansa offers email and SMS updates for opted-in passengers.

What if my flight is delayed or canceled?

Lufthansa assists with rebooking or alternative arrangements.

Is there a fee for checking?

No, it’s free through various channels.

Can I track other flights?

Yes, using Lufthansa’s flight status tool.

How early should I check?

Regularly leading up to departure, especially on the day of your flight.

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